Municipality Fleet Programs Offered By Kline Van & Specialty Rentals

Some cities and municipalities would agree that buying out right instead of leasing would be a better option to solve their fleet problems. However, I would disagree. Here are a few reasons as to why leasing could be a better/great option to choose!  First, it allows the city to coordinate payments for essential acquisitions to meet budget restrictions. Second, it allows the city to spread costs over the useful life of the vehicles and equipment. And third, the city can acquire equipment at current costs rather than at escalated costs when cash might be available later.View of a municipality vehicle The program would potentially allow the city to obtain competitive interest rates. Also, with leasing, the city will have the ability to obtain vehicles with the latest technology and fuel economy. This will allow the consumption of fuel to go down, allowing for more vehicles and faster service times!! If you are a fleet manager and are in need of a new fleet or need to update your current fleet, check out Kline Van & Specialty Rentals today! Contact us today or click here for a free, no hassle, quote!

Picture of fleet vehicles


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