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Government Fleet Programs offered by Kline Van & Specialty Rentals

Within the fleet leasing business are many programs designed for a specific purpose! At Kline Van and Specialty Rentals, one of our main focuses is Government Fleet Programs! This is important and helpful to government fleet directors/managers for many reasons! Budget being one of those reasons. Most government agencies are tied into a very strict budget. Choosing a fleet company frees up that budget by making it an operating expense.  This also allows for more vehicles, a wider selection and vehicles to be equipped with what they need rather than what their specific regulations are! With fuel efficient vehicles being in a higher demand and requirement, Kline has the ability to get any fuel efficient vehicle you may need! We specialize in Closed-end leasing which best suits the Government Fleet Programs, allowing to just trade your fleet back in for a newer, more efficient, loaded, technological fleet! Our low pricing will also help! This puts the agency in a good position to higher more employees and train them! Maintenance is a burden and we can take care of that as well as offering nation wide service!! Kline can install special decal suited for the appropriate government agency. Contact us today or get a custom quote here!