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Keep Those Buns Comfortable!

I mean, if there is one thing worse than a long trip, it’s a long trip with an uncomfortable seat! I am sure at some point or another you know exactly what I’m talking about! You wiggle and wiggle only to get semi comfortable but ten minutes later you realize you are never going to get comfortable. It hits you. The seats are too hot or maybe they are too cold. They itch. Too stiff. It’s crazy, the list just keeps going and going and going. Like the energizer bunny. Annoying, right? Well, Jeep has found the solution! They have realized that customers, myself included (because I absolutely hate long trips with comfortable seating), need quality seats. In the new 2014 models, Jeep has equipped these majestical stallions with Natura Leather!

 The newly available premium-quality Natura Plus leather is soft and supple and has outstanding breathability that makes the leather more comfortable in both hot and cold weather! Did I mention that its stain resistant, so those rascally kids won’t be a problem any longer.  Plus, this “lazy boy” of a seat can be heated and cooled, so even if you get hot or cold you can fixed it with the push of a button! Genius! You should really do yourself, I mean, butt, a favor and check it out! Woody’s Automotive Group has some! Just sayin’

Parents Guide To Buying Your 16 Old A New Car!!

So parents, your child is turning 16 and you want to buy them a car! First off, you are already going to be the coolest parent ever! Secondly, you will be even cooler if you get them the latest technology to show off to their friends, but you wanna keep it affordable! Here are a few tips to help you out! Remember, insurance is going to be high anyway.. So you definitey wanna make sure its a used car, which will help keep the cost of the insurance down! You DONT want to make it too old, because the older they are, the less they offer. These days its all about the iPhones and music! You wanna pick something that can play that music, so go with an aux port or usb port  and/or bluetooth streaming audio. Bluetooth is a little safer, because it allows for your child to change the music without having to look at their phone while driving! Mileage will help, you dont want to get one with to many, running the chance of the car wearing down before you’ve had your moneys worth, so probably around 60k or so is good! We have plenty of cars (over 700 to be exact) to choose from here at Woody’s Automotive Group! For our hours and directions click here! We are kid friendly, so by all means bring your child with you! We make it fast and friendly, with no pressure or hassle! Here are a few examples!! Front angled  viewFront Exterior Shot