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2014 RAM 1500 SLT CREW CAB at Woody’s Automotive Group-Types

Front Exterior Angled View
2014 Ram 1500 SLT Crew for sale at Woodys Automotive Group

Side View Exterior of Crew Cab DoorsExterior Side Angle Rear Shot of Short Bed

Ram Trucks come in many different shapes and styles! I will be going over them the next few days just to make drivers familiar with each kind and see which they like best. Today is the Ram 1500 Crew Cab! Crew Cabs can easily be confused with the Quad Cabs but there is a difference which sometimes goes unnoticed. The most noticeable difference is the rear door. On the Crew Cab the rear door is very simliar in size to the driver and passenger doors. This allows for extra leg room, unlike the Quad Cab where the leg room is about 6 inches shorter. It doesn’t sound like a big difference but when you are the back seat, it is. The next difference in the 1500’s is the bed. This happens to be the short box (short bed). There is the Short Box, Mid Box and Long Box. Since this is the short box, it is 5’7″ long! The Crew Cab gives passengers increased comfort and capacity, with the most passenger legroom in the Ram lineup. It’s a great option when you’re hauling your guys and your gear to any job site. So if this sounds appealing to you, we have plenty of these trucks at Woody’s Automotive Group in Chillicothe, Mo near Kansas City, Mo. For our hours click here. For directions from all major cities click here.

New 2014 Ram 1500 Tradesman For Sale at Woody’s Automotive Group- 4WD

Exterior front angled view
New 2014 Ram 1500 Tradesman for sale in the greater Kansas City area

So many of us know we want 4X4 (Four-Wheel Drive) but don’t really know what it is or how it works exactly! Well, today I’m going to do my best to explain it! Most trucks and SUV’s come with 4WD these days, which is a great feature! So having a vehicle with 4WD means that the vehicle’s engine and transmission is capable of driving all four wheels at one time. This is great for traction while driving off-road in difficult conditions like mud, snow, sand or a mixture of slick conditions, however; it won’t do much for the driver on ice.  The vehicle is basically redirecting power from the transmission to both the rear and the front wheels at the same time. Almost all 4X4-enabled vehicles require drivers to shift into four-wheel drive manually with a lever and small gearing shifter mounted next to the main gear shift, or in luxury off-road vehicles, there’s a button or buttons to push. Usually, vehicles with a 4X4 system only use two-wheel drive to get around in town or on dry pavement – until the going gets tough!! So if 4WD drives sounds and seems appealing to you stop in at Woody’s Automotive Group and check out our huge selections of Ram Trucks and SUV’s!!!

Back Tailgate View of 4X4 logoInterior View of 4X4 button

New Ram 2500 Laramie For Sale Kansas City Area -Uconnect Access

Front Angle Exterior View
New 2014 Ram 2500 Laramie

New 2014 Ram 2500 Laramie For Sale Kansas City 1
Uconnect, which is coming standard (with purchase of subscription) in more Dodge, Ram and Jeep products now, is really state of the art technology! I will be going over each part of the Uconnect system throughout the next couple of days! Uconnect Access is a huge part of the success this system has had. So the driver will have access to 9-1-1 to report an accident and any medical emergency on road by pressing the button located behind/infront of the rearview mirror. Road side assistance is also a button away, located in the Uconnect menu on the 8.4 inch touch screen display! A huge bonus, is Stolen Vehicle Assistance, which reports the location of the vehicle to the police upon a stolen vehicle 
Interior 8.4in display
New 2014 Ram 2500 Laramie For Sale Kansas City 4
Interior View Rear View Mirror 911 option
ent, which coincides with the theft alarm notification! This feature will send a text or email to the drivers phone any time the alarm is triggered. Keep in mind, all of these Uconnect Access features are also available on your computer or smart phone with installation of the app! So with your phone, from inside your house or the grocery store, you can unlock, start and set off the panic alarm. Very convenient! Access allows for Wifi Hotspot or purchase of 3G capabilities! Pretty cool if you ask me.  Yelp comes standard with Access, which puts top-rated shops and restaurants on display, the driver picks one, and Uconnect puts the directions in the navigation. Last is hands-free voice text! An awesome feature for those of us who love to text! So if this sounds appealing, stop by Woody’s Automotive Group in Chillicothe, Mo because we have several Ram trucks with this capability! For our hours click here. To get directions from all major cities click here.

2014 RAM 1500 LONGHORN CREW CAB For Sale Woodys Automotive Group Kansas City, MO

Front angle exterior view of New 2014 Ram 1500
New 2014 Ram 1500 For Sale in the Kansas City Area

Ram thought of everything when they made the 2014 Ram 1500 Longhorn edition! One of the most impressive features available in this truck ,I know, is the Active-Level Four-Corner Air Suspension. Ram knew people would be hauling heavy loads with their truck, so they installed this amazing technology to make it easier for them. Whether you are hauling a trailer or just heavy bricks in the bed, the ALFCAS is always at work. The driver has two options with this feature. Automatic or Manual. In auto mode, the truck sensors recognize where the load is and actively raising that part of the truck. Thus, keeping the truck and the load as level as possible. There are 5 different ride heights allowed (Entry, Aero, Normal, Off-road 1, and Off-road 2). Sometimes, however, the human mind knows best! The driver can kick in the manual system and with the touch of a button lower or raise the truck to what he/she feels best. One of the cool things about ALFCAS is that no matter what, when the drive hits a certain speed, the auto will kick in and raise or lower to help reduce drag/increase efficiency while maintaining levelness! If this feature sounds as amazing to you as it does me, Woody’s Automotive Group  has plenty Ram

New 2014 Ram 1500 Interior View of ALFCAS
1500’s to choose from, including this one! For our hours and directions click here.  If you would like to see a video of this awesome feature click here!
New 2014 Ram 1500 For Sale Key Fob