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The Redesigned 2015 Chrysler 200!!!

Hey everyone, its been a minute since I last wrote a blog but today I’m get right down to business! The 2015 Chrysler 200 has got to be my favorite mid-sized sedan on the market right now!  A HUGE upgrade from its previous 2014 counterpart, this 2015 model packs a huge punch when it comes to new features, looks and safety! Plus, it comes in AWD!!Model C

Only taking 119 feet to stop when traveling at 60 mph, the 200 is now among the best-stopping mid-size sedans! 10 airbags included driver and passenger knee airbags! Rear Park View Camera with rear cross path detection is available! Especially important since automobiles are still the top leader for child death in the US! Adaptive cruise control with the ability to come to a complete stop, forward collision with auto-braking and park assist ( both parallel and perpendicular) is great step forward for Chrysler’s 200!

Important technology is all in the Uconnect system! The easiest system to use and quickest to learn, this will come equipped with Uconnect Access! Start your car from your phone, lock it, voice-to-text, and more! Never take your eye off the road. Also, equipped with 3 USB ports, two 12V DC adapters, and so much hidden storage, you won’t have the wires all over your vehicle! New Interior

Chrysler uses some interesting design features to maximize space inside the 200. The merging of the center stack on the dashboard and the center console between the seats is more effective here than in other cars where this trick has been employed (think Lincoln MKZ) largely due to the functionality of the shifter and location of the electronic parking brake button, both of which are quite intuitive.

The unusual packaging also creates a “bridge” over the footwell area, which functions as usable storage. There’s a clever pass-through for a charging cord and the two-section center console offers more space than most.

Equipped optionally with the leather-trimmed/vented sport seat option ($995), which adds leather interior appointments, heated and ventilated front seats and a six-way power-adjustable passenger seat. A heated steering wheel is optional on all but the base trim.

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Keep Calm and Pin On!!

So here at Woody’s Automotive Group, our digital marketing department loves to pin. Really about all things but a special interest in cars!! Check out Woodys award winning pinterest page right here!! Its a blast to look at and will keep you entertained for hours!!

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One Stop Shop-Woodys Automotive Group

Woodys WebsiteSo you are in the car shopping business, with the New Year or tax season, and you want a one stop car shop! Woody’s Automotive Group is your place!  We have one price policy vehicles, trade-in, finance, credit app,  leasing, mechanical work and more! Check out these links from you home and have everything in order before you come down. When you do come down, everything will be ready for you, and it will be so fast you will think you never stopped by! See ya soon or call us at 1-660-646-3455!

WoW Women

Today we are taking a step back from the cars, trucks and SUV’s topic and talking about women. More specifically, empowering women to stand up, make change happen and strive for excellence!  Its the end of 2013 and by now, it should be noted that women are just as successful as men. For example, GM just hired their first female CEO, Mary Barra. She is just one of 23 women heading a Fortune 500 company, and the first to head a major automaker! This comes around as a huge step for women in the business world! Finally, someone who started at the bottom, as an intern, has made it to the very top, breaking through that “glass ceiling.” So with her as an example and many others surely to join her ranks, it is about time women get the respect and gratitude they deserve, in every aspect of life. A huge aspect being car shopping. A woman deserves the opportunity to buy a car in a fair process just as much as a man. At Woody’s Automotive Group, that is exactly what happens. You won’t have a problem with sexism here, or unfair interest rates because you a girl or talked down to like you are unintelligent! We have one of the best female car sales advisers in the country here! Polly Applebury loves her job and she is one of the best at it! We have several female head of departments, and many who are the back bone! The push themselves and everyone else to be fair to all who walk through the door! So stand up for women everywhere and lets stand up for ourselves! Check out Woody’s Automotive Group women, you deserve a car as much as anyone else! Also check out this review!