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Foot Activated Liftgate? No way!

The foot activated liftgate automatically opens when it detects the kicking motion under the rear bumper, allowing someone with their arms full to access the cargo area easily.

Keep in mind though that not anyone can just walk up to your vehicle and open it! It has to make sure you’re the correct person by detecting the key fob to let the liftgate know it’s is OK to accept the foot activation!

The system utilizes two sensors located between the tailpipes that form an electronic field. When broken, the field activates the liftgate. The picture belows shows the foot activated liftgate and example of why it is so handy!


The foot activated liftgate system is very picky though! You can’t just walk up to the car and wave your food around underneath it! You must do a kick motion. The sensors looks for 4 things. The shin breaking the barrier, followed by the foot, then the shin leaving followed by the foot! That motion only, activated the liftgate! Pretty fancy and secure!

The foot activated liftgate is available in select models of 2013 and newer Ford Escapes! See some at today!