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Woodys Weekly Update! Epidode 30!

So everything from World Cup soccer to Shakira. From nose picking to fruit popsicles. This weekly update has it all! It really is hilarious and probably one of the funniest videos we have made to date! So stop what you are doing and check it out right now!

WowWoodys Charity Contest!

Woody’s Automotive Group is having a monthly charity contest starting now! Enter your favorite 501C Charity and vote once per day. All eligible charities in the US are accepted! See picture below for details and click here to enter!! 


Woodys Automotive Group is at Legends Outlets Mall!


May, 2014 Woody’s Automotive Group, An Affiliate of Kline Corporation Announces The Opening Of Its Automotive Concept Store At the Legends Outlets In Kansas City, Kansas May 8th May, 2014, Chillicothe, MO-Woody’s Automotive Group, found at, based in Chillicothe MO, is delighted to announce the opening of its Automotive Concept Store at the Legends Outlet Mall in Kansas City, Kansas. The Woody’s Concept Store is the only known used car location of its type. Woody’s automotive Group regularly stocks all makes from exotic to economy based automobiles. The “concept” is to utilize technology, a vast inventory from exotic to economy based automobiles, a zero games/hassle approach and a zero pressure environment to assist people in finding the car they want at a payment that fits their monthly budget. To that end Woody’s has remodeled its new location, installing plenty of technology, lighting, sound and video screens to get the job done and has brought its very successful, no hassle, sales system to Kansas City. If a couple wants to spend the day together but one of them doesn’t enjoy shopping, that person may enjoy looking at some really cool cars while waiting for the other. Woody’s will also simply purchase a customer’s car. Woody’s Automotive Group is an affiliate company with Kline Corporation, Kline Van and Specialty Rental. Together these companies conduct business in the continuous 48 states and have office locations in Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and California with planned expansions to Maine and Arizona. Woody’s emphasizes a “no games approach” with the same low price posted on the vehicle/internet in their advertising and in the dealership. Woody’s prices are independent third party verified to be among the lowest in the nation with NO hidden tacked on fees. “We don’t raise the prices on ours in order to fool you by showing a higher value on yours” stated CEO, Brent Kline. “My father along with Grandpa Woody taught us how to do business by keeping things fun, simple, friendly and inexpensive” Kline further stated. The sales advisors are paid on a salary, to advise and assist the customer into doing what is best for the customer.” Woody’s picked the Legends Outlet Mall due to its great management, stores and attractions. “The mall…like our dealership… attracts people from a huge region.” “The mall has great stores and restaurants, is well run and has attractions such as Nebraska Furniture Mart, Cabelas, Kansas Speedway, T-Bones baseball, and the MLS Champion Sporting Kansas City soccer team” said Kline. “Furthermore, I believe these customers will travel to our regional location in Chillicothe, MO once they understand how we do business…how different we are from the typical dealer and that we have over 1000 cars available in the Kansas City region alone…not to mention the thousands more available outside of our region” Kline further stated. Kline went on to say “People drive further to eat at a good restaurant and an automobile is the second largest purchase customers make.” “There are good reasons people are willing to drive to and wait for a table at a good restaurant and that is a pleasant vs. an unpleasant experience…only with a car the steaks are higher (pun intended).” “With our no hassle approach and our huge selection, Woody’s is certainly worth the drive” stated Kline. Kline is a third generation car dealer joining his grandfather Woodrow (Woody) Wilson Kline and Woodrow (Fritz) Kline. The original dealership began in 1947 selling the brand of Kaiser Frazier. The store is officially scheduled to open May 8th, 2014.

How Kline Prices Your Fleet!!

Kline Van and Specialty Rentals is a national provider for fleet vehicles and is here to answer the many questions you may have about pricing! It is hard to say one is better than the other but Jason Bone has some great information in this video! Check it out!

Remember to always compare every single detail when you are looking for the best price! Year, Make, and Model. The package and features that come with the unit. The shipping price, damage waivers and more! Past the units themselves, you will want to always compare the value of the services! Such as maintenance, pickup and drop off, damages, accessories and more.

To help along the process, do your research ahead of time. Know what you need and how you need it. This way, when looking for the right fleet solution, you can eliminate companies that can not meet your expectations. Kline Van and Specialty Rentals, has value, pricing and the ability to get any make and model! Just check them out today at or give them a call at (816)554-3344! Get a free quote right here!

Select the right leasing option for you!

Have you selected to best lease option for your organization? Does your lease option offer you equity in your fleet or provide any tax benefits? Doug explains the different type of lease options offered by Kline and explains the differences about how each will affect your organization.
Kline Van & Specialty Rentals delivers fleet solutions in the contiguous United States with access to new vehicles from most makes and models foreign and domestic! With available tow packages (on request), nationwide free towing and free damage allowance, Kline can custom quote a price package for you! Kline is a long time business member of the ACA and meets all accreditation requirement for them. A friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you and offers on-time assurance! Have a piece of mind by working with an experienced and reputable company! Visit Kline today!

Woodys Tech Tip-Road Signs

This weeks Tech Tip is going to seem like a silly one, but I’ll bet a lot of people don’t know this. Have you ever noticed how the exit numbers are placed on the left or right of a highway sign? That indicates which side your exit will be on. If your exit number is on the left, be prepared to exit to the left. If your exit number is on the right, be prepared to exit on the right. This comes in very handy if, like me, you aren’t used to driving on a highway with multiple lanes and exits. Some states don’t go by these guidelines so be aware of that when traveling out of state, but for the most part this tip is extremely helpful. That’s all for this week, check back next week for another great Tech Tip!

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Kline Van Tackles Insurance and More!

Is your fleet insured in a manner that will satisfy the law and keep you protected? In this video, Doug exposes some of the dirty secrets that some of the other rental and lease companies don’t want you to know. Check out this very informative video from Kline Van and Specialty Rentals today!! Fix your problems before its too late!

Trade -in the old fleet for a new one!

Kline Van and Specialty Rentals is a full service provider. They can help with rental & leasing of course, but can also help with fleet disposal, fleet planning, purchase acquisitions, and transportation. If you want new or replacement fleet – fill out the no obligation quote and tell them about your fleet to trade in the notes section and if you only want to sell, use the contact us page. Send a message about what you have and what you want to do. Be sure to include some details on your fleet – year, make, model, avg miles, etc. Kline will contact you to get more details as needed and will be able to make a couple of different offers for you based on that information. Other companies may offer similar sounding services – but they may not have any funds or interest in buying your fleet directly – and will only broker it. Kline will also use brokerage as one option, but they are not just a broker, they own dealerships, lease companies, and other outlets – Kline many times will OUTRIGHT PURCHASE fleet from companies wanting to sell. Kline would be happy to locate, procure, and sell fleet to you at a discount! They can help you find new, near new, used, or really any type of fleet your need or budget calls for. They can do almost any make and model – and Kline can ship units anywhere in the 48 mainland states! Check out this very informative video right here!

Payment options offered by Kline Van & Specialty Rentals

If you are in the market for a new fleet and are worried about how you are going to pay for it, don’t be!! Kline Van has many payments options, but depending on lease type and time duration, Kline can accomodate almost any type of payment plan needed to fit their needs! Purchase orders are a great way to meet those needs and extremely easy to work with! Invoices will go automatically the the customer! Kline provides information for each individual vehicle on the fleet statement. Never have a doubt on where the money went. Kline accepts: checks, credit cards and wired funds! If you ever have an issue with your statement simply contact Kline and take care of the problem together! Watch this amazing video with Kelly from Kline!!

Services Offered By Kline Van & Specialty Rentals

No matter the size, industry or the organizations fleet leasing needs our number one priority is to always deliver customized fleet programs to each and every one of clients. Kline Van & Specialty Rental is your trusted source and the nation’s fastest growing provider of 8, 12, & 15 passenger vans and other specialty vehicles, including SUVs, minivans, pickup trucks, and cargo vans. We feature NEW, or factory certified near-new vehicles.  We also have direct access to manufacturers and closed auctions – no request is too difficult to accommodate. Kline can usually locate and obtain any type of vehicle – whether you need specific models & equipment, or have a budget to meet with the best vehicle in class; for fleets of vehicles, we are simply the best at procurement and leasing of this type of equipment.  We are geared to handle all of your rental and leasing needs whatever they may be.

Our service provides vehicles on site when needed. Kline uses it’s dealer and auction network to facilitate some transportation and service functions, but Kline Van & Specialty Rental maintains it’s own transportation department and has access to over 2,300 carriers if needed. We are experts in moving your vehicles.passenger van fleet management

 We have developed many special programs customized specifically for our clients and have included some examples below. In addition, by clicking each link below you may view some samples of the types of equipment Kline offers. This is not a complete list, but a representation of the types of equipment we have access to. For more information on how to order or procure vehicles – please contact us. We have easy terms and qualifying and work with most Purchase Order Billing systems.