Exterior View Of Quad Cab Doors


So this is the 2014 Ram 1400 Tradesman/Express Quad Cab. Much like the crew cab, this truck has four doors. The biggest difference being the size. You will notice that unlike that crew cab, the doors on the quad cab are smaller than the driver and front passenger doors. However, the quad cab features reversed hinged doors allowing for a wider opening when loading and unloading cargo! Definitely a plus for the quad cab style! Leg room in this style is a little under 6 inches shorter than that of the crew cab. This cab still seats up to 6 passenger just like the crew cab, so if you are fine with this minor restriction of the quad cab, then these are the trucks for you! We have plenty down here at Woody’s Automotive Group in Chillicothe, Mo near Kansas City, Mo! For our hours click here. For directions from all major cities click here!

Interior Shot of Quad Cab Leg RoomExterior Front Angled View