Timing Belt

Well it’s time for another tech tip, and our very own ASE Certified Tech Expert, Randall Gann, talks about the importance of timing belt replacement in this week’s Tech Tips. Timing belts have replaced timing chains in today’s newer engines. The purpose of a timing belt is to provide a connection between the crankshaft and camshaft to ensure the proper sequence of the piston to valve timing. Engines with timing belts can be broken into two categories: interference and non-interference engines. The lack of maintenance on interference engines with timing belts could be very costly. A typical repair could run $1500 or more. Therefore, proper maintenance should be performed as outlined by the maintenance schedule. On non-interference engines, the engine will stop running and require a tow to the shop. Proper maintenance requires timely belt replacement at regular intervals. Manufacturers provide a maintenance schedule for these critical components. Stay tuned for another Tech Tip next week! You can get these replaced at Woody’s Automotive Group! Call us at 660-646-3455 ext 24

timing belt