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Church Fleet Programs Offered By Kline Van & Specialty Rentals

Youth Groups, Study Groups, Church Boards, Leadership Teams, Mission Teams, Sunday Pick-ups and Retreat Trips. This are all great reasons as to why a church should be interested in requiring a fleet of passenger vans! Kline Van & Specialty Rentals, a premiere leasing company, can handle that for you! Kline Van & Specialty Rental works with many church groups and non-profit organizations throughout the United States offering programs designed especially for groups who use their vans from a few days a month to daily use.

Group of Church Students

Whether it’s for additional transportation needs for congregation to get to service, or youth group trips, or a missionary trip here in the United States – we can help. Equipped with a knowledgeable and friendly staff, Kline can custom quote a package for you, so you don’t pay for what you won’t use! We guarantee on-time delivery and can deliver anywhere in the contiguous United States. Contact us today or click here for a free custom quote!

Church Vans

KLINE – No matter where you go or what you do, we can help you get there!

College Fleet Programs Offered By Kline Van & Specialty Rentals

Kline Van & Specialty Rentals, a premiere leasing company in the US, specializes in college fleet leasing programs! With the ability to quote a custom price, tailored to your needs, you won’t being pay for more than you require. Kline has the ability to customize a vehicle to your specific needs and wants. Since you are a college/university, you can also get the vehicle customized with a wrap to let everyone know who you are! athletic team Equipped with a knowledgeable and friendy staff, Kline guarantees on-time delivery! Kline delivers anywhere in the contiguous United States. So whether its a passenger van, suv, activity bus or all of the above, let Kline help you today! Examples such as Student transportation, Athletic team travel, recreation and club sports, Admissions recruiting, Research projects, Student Activities and Student Government, and Spring break community outreach programs are all great reasons to have a fleet! student activities Contact us today or click here for a custom quote!

KLINE – No matter where you go or what you do, we can help you get there!

Municipality Fleet Programs Offered By Kline Van & Specialty Rentals

Some cities and municipalities would agree that buying out right instead of leasing would be a better option to solve their fleet problems. However, I would disagree. Here are a few reasons as to why leasing could be a better/great option to choose!  First, it allows the city to coordinate payments for essential acquisitions to meet budget restrictions. Second, it allows the city to spread costs over the useful life of the vehicles and equipment. And third, the city can acquire equipment at current costs rather than at escalated costs when cash might be available later.View of a municipality vehicle The program would potentially allow the city to obtain competitive interest rates. Also, with leasing, the city will have the ability to obtain vehicles with the latest technology and fuel economy. This will allow the consumption of fuel to go down, allowing for more vehicles and faster service times!! If you are a fleet manager and are in need of a new fleet or need to update your current fleet, check out Kline Van & Specialty Rentals today! Contact us today or click here for a free, no hassle, quote!

Picture of fleet vehicles


KLINE – No matter where you go or what you do, we can help you get there!

Non-Profit Fleet Programs Offered By Kline Van & Specialty Rentals

As a nonprofit organization, business or charity, Kline Van & Specialty Rentals understands that there is a tight/strict budget. This is why choosing Kline for your fleet needs is a great solution! We offer custom prices so you stay within the budget. If the vehicles need a special uplift or custom wraps for your business/charity, Kline has you covered.

With no maintenance fees and 24/7 road side assistance, you are always in good hands! Our closed-end lease program is perfect for you! You lease the cars or trucks you need and at the end of the lease you just walk away! This also allows you to see the expenses for the entire lease. So you know what the cash flow is! Don’t be worried or intimidated by a budget! Kline is here to help you achieve your goals! For a quick custom quote click here! Contact Kline today!!




Fill-In Fleet Programs Offered By Kline Van Rental!

We offer flexible fill in programs for municipalities or other organizations that may have an out of order unit for one reason or another. For example, one of our clients, while no one was hurt in this accident thankfully. His police cruiser (pictured left)

was wrecked on call, the following day a new unit was ordered and upfitted under a lease that was timed to be a purchase option in the next fiscal year when funds would become available. With Klines expertise, we guarantee on-time assurance, so you will never have to worry about being short a vehicle! We deliver anywhere in the US from California to Maine!! Call us today or get a custom priced quote right now!


Corporate Rental Programs Offered by Kline Van

Kline Van is a multifaceted company with several branches and divisions within the automotive industry. Kline Van & Specialty Rental is the Corporate Rental & Leasing Division of that company. As a company, you may need light work trucks, vans, sprinters or a variety of vehicles. With Klines ability to obtain almost every make and model, we have the opportunity to give you exactly what you need! We are able to make custom price packages for your needs, so you don’t pay for excessive things you will not use. If you have a logo or trademark you need installed onto the vehicle, Kline has that covered as well! We guarantee on-time assurance, so your new fleet will never be late. Choose Kline today if you want to get the latest technology and most fuel efficient vehicles on the road! Call us or click here for a custom quote made just for you!




Agriculture Fleet Programs Offered By Kline Van

Kline Van & Specialty Rentals can provide fleet solutions for many needs! One of these needs is Agriculture Fleet Programs! We can provide fleet leasing options for as little as 1 month or up to 1 year!  Based on your exact needs, you wont get a plan the is not developed specifically for  you! Whether you need light trucks or heavy trucks, we can get them. Kline can also tailor trucks to your specific request. So whether that is special equipment or pay loads, maybe even a tow package. With on time delivery from Maine to California, we can deliver your fleet during peek installation periods through out the year! One example of an agriculture fleet program need would be Wind Farms!

With many USDA agencies and states agencies requiring certain vehicles, such as a Chevy Suburban or Impala, Kline can obtain these vehicles with no hassle as well. Leasing from a fleeting company like Kline allows for the lessee to save on costs, with no maintenance, fresh vehicles with the latest technology and fuel efficiency. Thus, requiring less vehicles and saving you money! Visit Kline today and fill out a fast quote to get you started off on the right foot! You can contact us at (816)554-334 today!



Construction Fleet Programs offered by Kline Van & Specialty Rentals

Construction can and does rely heavily on the appropriate vehicles to get the job done! Whether thats obtaining cargo vans, light work trucks, heavy work trucks or all three! Kline Van and Specialty Rentals can take of that! We specialize in getting custom vehicles for our clients, whether that be 5th wheels, upfitted tool boxes or more!

Kline can help with custom rentals or leases. Long term leases for your seasonal, cyclical or special project applications. As a leading fleet company in the United States, Kline has helped with: short term leasing projects, drilling projects, crew and gear transportation, off-road packages, upfitted tool boxes, 5th wheels and flat beds! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you today. We promise on-time assurance, your equipment will never be late. We are members of the ACA and meet all their requirements. Visit us at today or contact us to get a custom quote for you projects! We specialize in Construction Fleets!


Kline Van-Premiere Rental and Leasing Company Tackles Open/ Closed End Leases

Closed-end Leases – AKA (“walk away, long term rental, operating lease, short term lease”) This will be most of our summer camps, tour and adventure operators and colleges – and other business that have need for 1-time need, or short term seasonal or cyclical needs

Closed-end leases are most common for consumer leases today. This type of lease allows you to simply return your vehicle at the end of the lease and have no other responsibilities other than possible payment of excessive damage or mileage charges.

Closed-end leases are based on the concept that the number of miles you drive annually is fairly predictable (12,000 miles per year is typical), that the vehicle will not be driven in rough or abusive conditions, and that the vehicle’s value at end of the lease (theresidual value) is therefore somewhat predictable.

At the time you lease, the leasing company estimates the vehicle’s lease-end residual value based on the expected number of driven miles. If the vehicle is actually worth less than the residual when you turn it in, the leasing company takes the financial hit, not you.

On the other hand, if the vehicle is worth more than the residual, and you have the option to purchase, you may want to buy the vehicle and keep driving it — or sell it and make a profit. This happens frequently.

Open-end Leases – AKA and VARIATIONS include (“capital lease, finance lease, commercial lease, lease with required balloon, Lease with conversion – required buyout) This will be the rent of the market, long term fleets, cycling and rotation to cover ongoing use, high miles, and special equipment.

Open-end leases are used primarily for commercial business leasing. In this case the lessee, not the leasing company, takes all the financial risks, which is not so much a problem for a business, since the cost can be expensed. Annual mileage on a business lease is usually much greater and less predictable than the average 12,000 miles-per-year of a non-business lease.

In open-end leases, you are responsible for paying any difference between the estimated lease-end value (the residual) and the actual market value at the end of the lease. This could amount to a significant sum of money if the market value of your vehicle has dropped or you drive many more miles than expected. Often, the residual for an open-end lease is set much lower than for a non-business closed-end lease, which reduces the lease-end risk, but can significantly increase the monthly payment amount.

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Kline Van & Specialty Rentals! Premiere Fleet Company!

Kline Van & Specialty Rentals, your National Fleet Leasing & Rental Partner. Kline is your most trusted source, we currently work with many organizations including Colleges, Utility and Construction Companies from Maine to California. Whether your needs are monthly or annually from 25 to 1,000 vehicles we will design a customized solution to enhance fleet efficiency and safety while saving your organization time and money. Kline Van & Specialty Rental has long been a rental vehicle provider to Universities and Colleges. Though not limited to sports and athletic clubs – Kline’s custom programs designed to fit either academic years or sporting event seasons, have proven very popular among directors.

Kline has provided teams with passenger vans as well as pickup trucks and cargo vans to haul their equipment.  View of Kline Van

Let Kline Van & Specialty Rental help your club or athletic department with roomy, comfortable team travel. Our vehicles are either NEW or factory certified – fully serviced and inspected prior to delivery.

While anyone can rent a vehicle – it is Kline’s customer service and flexibilty that sets us apart from the pack. We will happily work with your administration department or department manager to set up a turn-key rental experience. Our terms are flexible and we work with most P.O. Billing systems.


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